Business Incubation Program

We bring together exceptional early-stage entrepreneurs to develop novel ideas into profitable ventures. EV is committed to helping the entrepreneurs and startups and as such invests in build amazing companies and products. It’s this mission that drives us to focus on a few select ventures at any given time so we can give them all of our attention and focus their efforts more effectively. We are continually looking for great entrepreneurs who believe they can change the world with their vision of the next big thing

We provide world-class training, business development support and funding to promising entrepreneurs with innovative ideas that can disrupt markets

Next Generation Blueprint to Build A Business That Thrives.

The Business Incubator Program offers holistic, milestone-driven programs that will help you build a business that thrives.

Criterial for Selection:

  • The founder or entrepreneur must have previous track record of high performance or success.
  • Strong & experienced team
  • Potentially viable business idea with proof of concept
  • Business registered in Ghana
  • You are the founder, co-founder, or leader of an early-stage (not more than 2 years in business), currently in operation or development, with at least one paid employee.
  • You have the desire to seek support, services, coaching and mentoring from the business incubator faculty and staff to achieve the venture’s mission.
  • You have a willingness to be held accountable to monthly program goals, receiving and accepting feedback with the capacity to implement or act on suggestions.

Application Form

How long has your business been operating for?

What's your staff strength?

Is your business registered?

Do you have a monthly revenue?