Ghanaian Startup Hurupay Helps Businesses and Individuals Combat Currency Fluctuations

Hurupay, a Ghanaian startup that offers a crypto wallet for stablecoins, is helping businesses and individuals across Africa overcome the negative impacts of fluctuating local currencies. Stablecoins are non-volatile cryptocurrencies pegged to the value of the US dollar at a ratio of 1:1.

Hurupay’s platform allows businesses to accept stablecoin payments from customers simply by scanning QR codes and paying suppliers with zero fees. Individuals can also use Hurupay to save money in dollars and stablecoins, send and receive money across borders with very low fees, and pay at shops.

The idea for Hurupay came to co-founder and CEO Philip Mburu when he relocated to Ghana in September 2021. He was frustrated by the high fees and slow processing times of traditional cross-border money transfer services and by the depreciating value of the Ghanaian cedi.

“Hurupay is designed to help businesses and individuals mitigate the negative impacts of fluctuating local currencies on their income and growth,” said Mburu. “By providing a more stable and reliable payment method, we can help people save money, grow their businesses, and access better opportunities.”

Hurupay is still in its early stages, but it has already seen significant growth. Within two months of going live in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria, Hurupay has onboarded over 1,500 active users and processed transactions worth over US$100,000.

Hurupay is a promising example of how blockchain technology is being used to solve real-world problems in Africa. By enabling stablecoin-based payments, Hurupay is helping to reduce the costs and risks associated with cross-border money transfers and to provide people with a more stable way to save and spend their money.



In the era of digital transformation and agile methodologies, the demand for skilled professionals in Scrum is rapidly growing. However, one persistent challenge remains the gender gap within the Scrum community. To address this pressing issue and empower women in the world of Scrum, The Enterprise Village Hub proudly announces the launch of the “Her Tech Initiative” for Scrum Training.

“Her Tech Initiative” is a pioneering program that aims to bridge the gender gap in Scrum by providing women with the necessary training, resources, and support to excel in this dynamic field. Recognizing the immense potential and untapped talent among women, The Enterprise Village Hub is taking a proactive stance in fostering gender diversity within the Scrum community.

Through this initiative, women will have access to comprehensive scrum training programs that cover the core principles, methodologies, and best practices of agile project management. The training offers hands-on workshops, mentorship opportunities, and networking events specifically tailored to the needs of aspiring female scrum practitioners.

The idea behind this initiative is to train young women in scrum where they develop a documented system to help working teams track their activities according to the AGILE methodology. Scrum is a framework that is widely used in software development and project management. The primary goal of scrum is to improve collaboration, communication, and productivity within a team. It emphasizes adaptive planning, self-organization, and continuous improvement.

Successful participants will be taken through the key components of scrum. These include, Product owner, Scrum master, Development team, Sprint planning, and Daily Scrum among others.

This training targets unemployed young women between the ages of 24 to 35 years and it will last for 4 weeks. After the four weeks of training, the next phase of the project will be incubation where participants will develop their ideas for incubation. Through incubation, their ideas will be moved from just ideas to actionable steps in building businesses.

Some of the benefits participants will derive from this training will be to understand Agile principles. This training will help trainees gain a solid understanding of agile principles, practices, and the scrum framework. Another benefit trainees will derive from this training will be enhanced productivity and efficiency. This training will equip individuals with techniques to manage their work more effectively.

With this training, The Enterprise Village hub intends to capture the story of two entrepreneurs developing a product through Scrum.

The Enterprise Village hub is a community that helps creatives and entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life. At EV, we are committed to identifying, training, connecting, and funding early and growth-stage entrepreneurs while developing thriving talent for entrepreneurs and businesses.

The Enterprise Village Hub extends a warm invitation to all Scrum enthusiasts, professionals, and advocates of gender diversity to join forces in supporting “Her Tech Initiative” for Scrum training. Let us unite in creating a future where women in Scrum are empowered, celebrated, and given equal opportunities to shape the digital landscape through agile project management. Together, we can build a more inclusive and prosperous scrum community for all.

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The Enterprise Village in partnership with Ghana Tech Lab under the Pathway to Sustainable Employment Program is organizing its maiden local startup summit. The theme for this year’s summit is, “Sustainable Business Development and Job Creation in Accra using mobile technologies”. The event will be held at The Enterprise Village Hub in Dzorwulu.

The local startup summit is geared towards providing an avenue for our trainees from the Ghana Tech Lab Base Program to pitch their business innovative ideas to seasoned business people and serial entrepreneurs. The trainees under the Base Program have gone through a six-week training on Mobile Application Development and this summit is a space where they get to showcase their expertise in the past weeks.

Successful teams during the pitch event will then proceed to the incubation phase of the Base Program to develop their ideas into businesses while the rest who didn’t make it, will also proceed into the employability phase of the program.

The aim of this summit is to serve as a means for young Ghanaians to create and build their own businesses to curb the rate of unemployment in the country.

The summit will be attended by entrepreneurs, investors, and other businesspeople within the ecosystem. It is also opened to the public.



Enterprise Village in partnership with Ghana Tech Lab under the Pathway to Sustainable Employment has commenced a nationwide training in Mobile applications with flutter for young Ghanaians.

Weeks ago, Ghana Tech Lab opened applications for young Ghanaians to apply for the free mobile app development training. After the application phase, shortlisted applicants went through interviews where they were finally selected to participate in the training.

An orientation session was held for the selected applicants to get them acquainted to the training curriculum, the rules regarding the training and were taken through the PaSE portal. Participants signed a code of conduct at the end of the orientation session.

The Pathway to Sustainable Employment (PaSE) has been designed to give trainees the business, communications and technical skills needed to start and scale a successful startup.

The training is a six-week long training during which trainees will be taken through modules like, Introduction to dart language, Beautiful Mobile Mockup designing, Basic Mobile App Development, REST API development with Nodejs, Google Firebase Integration and usage, and Simple animation in flutter.

As a hub, we are positive trainees will complete the training as innovative mobile app developers.

This training is in collaboration with Ghana Tech Lab with its partners, Mastercard Foundation Young Africa Works, World Bank and Ministry of Communications and Digitalization Ghana.